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Anynomous industrial buildings, geometrical skyscrapers or ugly apartment buildings serve as a basic inspiration for new patterns for textile. By multiplying, mirroring, playing with the rhythm of facades, their hidden beauty is appearing. Printed digitally on textile and sewn together you get true housewear.

Mythe de Nuit

Suzy Solidor – Mythe de Nuit
Running a nightclub, singing chansons at the bar, being an actress and model – Suzy Solidor was a true nightbird. The title of the necklace refers to her glamorous lifestyle. But as she was called the admiral which is also the name of a butterly, mythe de nuit plays likewise with the French word la mite (the moth).

Männer umschwirren mich wie Motten um das Licht, doch wenn sie verbrennen, ja dafür kann ich nichts (men are buzzing around me like moths around a light cone, but if they are getting burned, well, then I can’t help it) – the necklace fits this sentence from Marlene Dietrich song very well. A song maybe Suzy Solidor was singing too.

Dentelles de Cheval

I cut the ca. 10 cm long horseteeth in 5mm slices and put grouped them together to lacelike surfaces and filled the voids with epoxy.
Dentelles is on one hand a reference to lace (it is the French word for lace), but also points to the French word la dent which means tooth.

Fou Lard

Fou Lard [fuːˈlɑːd]
The French word for a silk scarf is foulard. The word is composed by fou (insane) and lard (bacon).

About 1500 years ago a Chinese silkworm found his way to France to produce silk in Europe. In the country of the « bon vivants » it accidently landed in a butcher’s shop on top of a slice of bacon. Hmm, so soft and tasty, thought the vegetarien with surprise and with verve started to build a cocoon.
As the cocoon grew more and more the butcher’s wife, a sophisticated lady, catched an eye on it. Is this bacon going insane, she thought but shortly after she spotted the little worm who found itself in a new paradise. I will make the most beautiful scarf from your silk, she promised and kept feeding the silkworm with the best bits of bacon she could find. After three month she was wearing proudly the most shiny silk scarf that she would call with affection my „foulard“.

Made in Paradise

I spent three months as a Artist-in-Residence at the European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC) in s'Hertogenbosch (NL). I made an object that celebrates the maggot: a three part baking form to make bread. The outside imitates bacon. In German to feel as a magggot in bacon is a synonym for paradise. so baking such a giant maggot of bread allows you to taste paradise.

Made in Switzerland

Made“ in German means maggot or grub. It represents one state of the cycle of metamorphosis. Its main concern is to devour in order to finally mutate to a beautyful butterfly, an ordinary mayfly or some other dipteran. This necklace looks from far away like a regular pearl necklace. A closer look is backstriking, because it seems as about 100 maggots are crawling around the neck. A pleasent
shiver - an ambivalent feeling?
The material is preciuos, but the form evokes disgust.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The handcrafted plates are made of porcelaine clay. The roughness of the surface reflects the structure of mother of pearl. The shimmering whiteness of the glazed porcelaine evokes associations with pureness and virginity, just as a pearl does.
The plates, slightly varying in size, are to be arranged to represent a pearlchain. In this constellation each piece stands for a friend or guest.
One single plate is made of gold-plated brass. It symbolises the necklace's latch and thus, represents the host, responsible for the strong bonds of friendship within this intimate circle.

Mountain Chains

building mountains - mountain chain of horns
For more than 200 years, the manufactering of meticulous landscape reproduction, which is a Swiss speciality, helps to understand alpine scenery. To form landscape in midget size is an elaborate craftwork. Discover a craft which unites natural science and art.
A horn is the craggy remnant of a mountaintop which has been chewed upon by glaciers. There are around 900 horns in Switzerland , such as Schreckhorn for example. Choose your favourite horns of Switzerland and carve their outlines from a piece of cowhorn. Put the parts together to form a mountain chain.

Dossier "Bergkette"

Rabbit Teeth Jewellery

I made jewellery using the teeth of 125 rabbits. The central piece is the collar that bears the name “125 lapins.” It is composed of 2500 knotted together posterior teeth. Necklaces and brooches were constructed from the naturally curved front teeth. They bear one of two names: either “brochette de lapin” (in French the word brochette means skewer (for meat) or, literally, small brooch) or “dentelles de lapin” (dentelles is the French word for lace, while dent is also the word for tooth).

Dossier "Das Jagdessen"


The Hunter's Banquet

Idea and Organisation: Natalie Luder, Zürich
Director of the film: Nora De Baan, Zürich

I celebrated the rabbit teeth jewellery with a baroque feast, for which I was searching 125 different recipes for rabbit. Can one have rabbit so many different ways? It was a buffet of terrines, pastries, stews, but also of sausages made with rabbit meat. Have you ever eaten rabbit tongue before?
The hunting horn sounded the signal to start the battle at the buffet, which became a sort of hunting ground itself. Who will get the best piece?
The hosts cared for the well-being of the guests on one hand, but adorned as they were with the jewellery, they also allowed for the guests to get a close look at these pieces. Although the jewellery has been made in advance, the pieces embody the idea of being the physical remains of both the hunt and Hunters' Banquet. With such a gesture, the Hunters' Banquet enacts a symbolic closure to this work in progress, the spectacle of which was captured on film.

Menu "Das Jagdessen"

Sugarpearls United

Using the old confectionar's technique of blowing sugar I fabricated hollow pearls of the size of footballs. The shimmering surface of the so-treated sugar evokes the luster of a pearl.
I invited 22 girls to pose for a group photo, just as football teams do. I asked them to wear the little black dress. Alltogether they form a pearlchain, linked by the strong idea of a sports team:
one for all, all for one!

A Manger Des Yeux

In my diploma work I was inspired by baroque feasts. I made brooches for the table that reminded the glorious center pieces of that time. I also learnt the old confectionars technique of blowing sugar. Such sugar pieces were also very popular at this age.

Dossier "A Manger des Yeux"




Have you ever moulded a lake from your mountain of smashed potatoes and filled it with gravy? In daily conversation portions of cooked food are often described as hills or lakes, vice versa a landscape covered in snow appears to us as if sugar has been spread over it.
In that sense I literally stiched landscapes into spoons, I formed mouthwatering mountains, and transformed a serving plate in such a way that it forms a hilly surface by lifting it up.
Enjoy your meal!


Solitaire is the name of the classical engagement ring with one setted diamond. The King of precious stones symbolises luxury and power, but also eternity. By changing the scale of the setting the roles of wearer and ring get inversed. Instead of adorning yourself with a diamond you actually take its place.


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